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Sightseeing Catalina

This final installment of my visit to Catalina Island features photos I took while wandering around Avalon, the main town. I walked from one end of the main drag to the other, and even covered some of the nearby residential area. It was a hot day, but I still managed to put many miles on […]

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Catalina’s Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens

During my recent visit to Catalina Island, I took a little red trolley car (the Avalon city bus) and rode it through town and up the hill to the Botanical Gardens. I had no idea until I reached the top, walking an uphill, dirt roadway on a very hot day, that I was at the place where […]

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While wandering through the City of Brea mall, I noticed they put in a new water feature. It was so cool looking, especially with the unusual shaped glass ceiling above it reflecting into all of the silver balls at the same time. ~Kat (pic by Kat)

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Art of Shoes

The City of Brea mall is one of the nicest malls I’ve ever been to! While there, I visited the Nordstrom shoe section to find any unusual shoes to take pictures of. Designer shoes have always fascinated me…intricate designs, very unusual looking heels…a perfect picture subject 🙂 ~Kat (pics by Kat)

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Lines and Textures

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! Work’s been keeping me very busy! I’m very happy to be taking pics and posting again! So, after work a couple days ago, I decided to challenge myself to find unusual textures or patterns to take pictures of in everyday places. I went to the City […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Teens lovin’ that summer is a comin’… Rejoicing in the sunset of school work, the sunrise of carefree beach days, joy spreading as colors in the sky. ~SueBee Living in a land of nearly eternal summer, Southern California, I took a twist on this week’s theme and jumped outside of myself to include the Summer Lovin’ exuberance of these […]

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Beach Atmosphere

A few photos of beach atmosphere from my visit to Crystal Cove in Orange County a week or so ago. Happy Friday! Enjoy your day. ~SueBee (photos by SueBee)

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The Music Room

Today’s Foto Fix was taken in the music room at the Bowers Children’s Museum in Santa Ana. ~SueBee (photo by SueBee)

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Catalina’s Famous Casino

(24 Photos) I took a walking tour of the famous Catalina Casino, designed in the Art Deco and Mediterranean Revival styles at a cost of two million dollars, and opened May 29, 1929. The building featured the first movie theater designed for pictures with sound, “talkies”, and the world’s largest circular dance floor. The Casino gets its name […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

My entry for this week’s photo challenge is that of three containers, one within the next. First, the little mussel shell, a container itself, contained within a sea anemone, which is contained within a tide pool at Crystal Cove Beach in Orange County. ~SueBee (photo by SueBee)“For this Week’s Photo Challenge, show us something that contains something else. Share your own […]

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Things To Do in Catalina

(20 photos) Catalina, the land of fun! I realized once I looked through my photos that I’d captured a grouping of Things To Do without realizing it. Hence this separate article. It’s pretty amazing that within a few short blocks in Avalon, a person could scuba dive, snorkel, paddle board, kayak, fish, swim, parasail, take a jeep tour, ride […]

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26 Miles to Catalina

(15 photos) I spent a most pleasant vacation day off work yesterday visiting Avalon, the biggest city (2012 population 3,765) on Catalina Island, having decided to extend the celebration of my upcoming birthday beyond the actual day. Last week, I’d made a reservation on the Catalina Flyer, a large capacity catamaran, out of Newport Beach. I felt lucky as only five spots were left […]

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Do You Photo Contest?

I joined a Photography Club a few months back and decided to participate in their photo contest, with a judge coming to the meeting to critique as each photo is anonymously displayed on a big screen, while club members sit quietly in the audience. As the first few photos were displayed at tonight’s meeting, and I noticed the judge’s main comments consisted of how to improve […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

My dear, sweet mom. Born September 20, 1917, middle child with seven brothers bookending her. Gazing through the window, gazing through time. Lost in her memories. Where have the years gone? The typewriter. So familiar… Just like the one she used at her job in downtown Los Angeles. She rode the streetcar to get there. And wonders where is the […]

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Shading Grandpa

Seems ages since we’ve done a Daily Foto Fix so I chose this very sweet picture from my batch taken at the Bowers Museum. Grandpa looks so content, the little girl very thoughtful and diligent. ~SueBee (photo by SueBee)

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Indian Dance at the Bowers Museum

(25 Photos) Continuing my series of photos taken at the Bowers Museum during the Americana cultural festival last Sunday, I was fortunate to watch Gary Wiskigeamatyuk (Prairie Potawatomi / Ojibwe), perform authentic song and dance of North America. The music he played and the songs he sung were beautiful and haunting, the dances absolutely amazing. I have no idea how […]

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An Afternoon at the Bowers Museum

(26 Photos) Tech problems behind, new laptop purchased and quickly set up, our blog is back in action! Other than the inconvenience, and nearly going blind trying to view things on a miniature iPhone screen in the interim, I’m not too annoyed. My previous laptop, gifted to me by my son, lasted nearly seven years. That’s not bad in today’s absurd “toss it” […]

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Tech issues update

The new computer is being delivered tomorrow! Pending setup and learning curve, our blog should be back in action very soon. I’m attempting to write this article on my very small-screen iPhone and attach a photo taken with same at the Fullerton Arboretum last week. I don’t know how this post will look once I […]

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Technical Difficulties

Dear followers, we’re experiencing computer issues (a lovely word to use) and will return to the blogosphere as soon as humanly possible. ~SueBee

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Otherworldly Fireworks

Our town holds an annual 3rd of July Fireworks Extravaganza, which I was able to view from my front lawn, shooting over the next-door rooftop. Very convenient! I set the Nikon D5100 on 6400 ISO and hoped to hold still enough to grab a few decent shots. I am very fond of the first shot, […]

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